Welcome to Lifeforce Power Yoga (Sanskrit: Pranasana Yoga). Lifeforce Power Yoga/Pranasana Yoga is the practice of working with the vital life force energy for well being, rapid healing and evolution into higher states of consciousness.  This vital life force energy is contained within and around the physical body and permeates the universe connecting all people as one living, breathing emanantion.  This energy is impersonal, ubiquitous and in unlimited supply.  Many shamanic and mainstream traditions in both eastern and western cultures have described this vital life force energy and its grid network within the human body in detail. Pranasana Yoga is a powerful set of practices that cleanses and releases energetic blocks (dis-ease) of any type on all levels of one's being.  The practice begins with a very basic fact of science which is that around every proton is an electron cloud; this means that everything in the material universe, including the human body, is electrical energy moving around an epicenter of rotation....Everything in the universe is energy...spinning atoms with opposing charges.  This energy has frequency and vibration and is controlled by consciousness and emotion resulting in a unique energy signature for everything in the universe.  When the human being is healthy and happy, one's energy field can be thought of as being in proper attunement with its resonant frequencies. In this state one feels naturally balanced, internally and unconditionally peaceful, joyful and free of disease.  This state is accessible to everyone at every moment and the techniqes taught in this form of yoga literally ignite one's LIGHT. The practice involves a synthesis of eastern and western methods resulting in a cocktail of causation that is quite magically electrifying.  We explore all aspects of the practice individually, with a partner, or as a group. Please contact us if you have any questions at all or you are interested in learning more.