Lifeforce Power Yoga begins by stimulating the bioelectric grid and then charging the body with vital life force energy in a moving meditation (Sanskrit: dharana and dyana, 6th and 7th limb) involving advanced breathwork (Sanskrit: pranayama, 4th limb) and ancient cleansing practices...resulting in an extraordinarily energetic and vibrant experience. It is a rEvolutIONary practice for EvolutIONary times. Please see Services for class times and workshop dates.

Lifeforce Power Yoga (Sanskrit: Pranasana Yoga) is the practice of working with the vital life force electromagnetic energy that is contained within and around the physical body and permeates the universe connecting all people as one living, breathing collective emanation. It is a fact of science, currently ignored by the current Western medical model, that around every proton is a cloud of electrons; this means that everything in the material universe, including the human body, is electrical energy. Furthermore, all energy systems have frequency, vibration and an epicenter of rotation.  This energy is impersonal, ubiquitous and in unlimited supply; it is experienced as heat, vibration and/or low voltage traveling through the body's bioelectric circuit or grid network. Many shamanic and mainstream traditions in both eastern and western cultures have described this vital life force energy, it's grid network and it's role in immediate healing, higher states of consciousness and spiritual illumination.

Indian yogis named this vital life force energy, "prana" and called the grid network simply "nadis," (pronounced nadeez). There are said to be 72,000 nadis which transport the vital life force energy throughout the body's subtle energy anatomy. Yogis developed the Ayurvedic model of health care around prana and keenly noted that although there were literally thousands of nadis, they identified the most important ones and named them ida, pingala and sushumna. Ida is the female/magnetic/earth/moon/cool/yin energy which originates experientially at the base of the spine left of center spiraling upward, and, pingala, the male/electric/star/hot/yang energy which originates experientially at the base right of center completing the upward spiral. Sushumna ,the central channel is considered the most important of all nadis and runs from the base of the spine up to the pineal gland at the center of the skull; opened, activated and heart centered, it is the perfect marriage between polarities that allows one to experience ultimate illumination. In fact, the original intent of all yoga practices was to enable the practitioner to enter into higher states of consciousness via the 8 limbs; the eighth limb being the final step wherein one experienced this illumination as a state of union characterized as bliss, oneness and loss of individuated consciousness (sanskrit: samadhi).  Many traditions describe this state of consciousness as being energetically charged sufficient to create Light within..."if thine eye be single, thy whole body be full of light."

Chinese masters named this vital life force energy, "qi", (pronounced chee) and they refer to the bioelectric grid network as the meridian system and the channels as meridians. The Chinese developed a similarly comprehensive system of health care based on the simple idea that a free flow of vital life force energy was necessary to maintain good health and that blocked "qi" or "prana," was an indicator of disharmony and eventual disease if not brought back into balance and free flow.  The Chinese identified the main channels or nadis that represented the primary struture of the grid network. This primary structure consists of 14 main meridians that are each connected to a specific body organ and 8 extraordinary meridians that are used for interconnectivity and transport of the vital life force within and around the grid network. The ability to manipulate the vital life force energy in and around one's body is a central theme in kung-fu, qi-gong and many other eastern shamanic and esoteric traditions. Easterners were not the only ones that discovered that the body/mind was essentially a battery capable of receiving and emitting electrical energy (transduction).

Nicola Tesla performed numerous experiments in the 20's that proved the body was an electromagnetic transducer capable of receiving and emitting electromagnetic wave forms, and, Royal Raymond Rife, a professor at the University of Southern California in the 30's mapped out the body's entire resonant frequencies and demonstrated how anything could be healed with the appropriate frequency and vibration administered to the body's bioelectric grid in the form of low voltage wave forms. At one point in his research he cured 100% of the approximately 300 terminally ill cancer patients that had been given 6 months or less to live by their oncologists. Soon after this important and revolutionary discovery, his lab was burnt to the ground and there was a systematic attempt to destroy his research; nevertheless, his work has spurned an entire industry that remains at the forefront of energy medicine and is saving the lives of millions of people without the use of poisonous chemicals or costly hospital stays.

In Lifeforce Power Yoga/Pranasana Yoga, we combine western and eastern practices from multiple traditions in a harmonious synthesis of movement and breath that leaves one energetically cleansed and noticably charged with life force.  The effects of the practice would be akin to taking an electro-magnetic energy bath followed by a recharge of one's body battery; however, exactly how each person experiences this light body cleanse and increase in vital life force energy will be determined by one's current energy signature and their intensity of practice.  As in all yoga, qi-gong and energy medicine modalities, Life force Power Yoga/Pranasana Yoga offers up wellness and equanimity without drugs or invasive procedures. May All Beings Awaken.