All Private Sessions Conducted on an orgonite crystal healing bed and include sound healing, essential oils and heat. Please contact Yogi Tenzin for more details on services. ALL SESSIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY801-205-0748

90 Minute Pranasana Yoga Class:                    $20.00 drop in

120 Minute Pranasana Playshops:                    $25.00 drop in

30 Minute Chakra Reset/Private                       $55.00

60 Minute Private Reiki Healing Session           $100.00

2 Hour Private Session/First Session ONLY         $150.00

3 Chakra/3 Session Private/6 Hours                  $355.00

7 Chakra/8 Session Private/16 Hours                 $1,133.00

Pranasana Yoga Teacher Training                      $3,333.00

Spiriitual Coaching/1 Year Program                    $10,000.00