Phillip James Nichols (Thupten Karma Tenzin, Tibetan given name, Upholder of Buddha's Teachings; Ranprem Singh, Kundalini Yoga given name, Lion of God who successfully brings love into any situation.) has combined his study of multiple ancient eastern practices and multiple modern western practices to create very simple and extremely powerful methods of healing and wellness that have an immediate and noticable effect on one's overall being. He began studying Kung Fu at the age of 12 and has been studying yoga, meditation and energy medicine modalities for over 28 years. He shows both students and clients how to easily activate and charge the body's natural healing mechanism and work with the vital life force electromagnetic energy that permeates the universe. He is able to provide immediate relief to anyone in pain and can affect people at any distance.  In addition to his private energy healing practice, he is the creator of an entirely new yoga style called Pranasana Yoga/LifeForce Power Yoga. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in Sociology from UCLA and is a certifed yoga instructor and Reiki Master.  He is the inventor of the Yoga Twist Board and two free energy devices; the Meditation Vortex Square and the Crystal Frequency Energy Bed. He currently teaches Pranasana Yoga/LifeForce Power Yoga, meditation and pranic healing techniques to students in Salt Lake City, Utah. In addition, he maintains a private healing practice. He is indebted to numerous teachers from many traditions throughout the world and humbly offers what he has learned, synthesized and combined from others. May ALL Beings Awaken!!!